Good and Bad News

Great news! Two Universities have decided to use The Promotion Game for faculty development programs.

Of course, there’s bad news to go along with that. These requests for hard copies closed out my first printing (which was discounted).

I have arranged print-on-demand services with Amazon and other online retailers, but there is some glitch that has delayed availability. Paperbacks were supposed to be ready on Amazon on April 1; unfortunately, it is still in “not yet available” mode.


The other bad news is that the price of the paperback has to go up. When these e-tailers get their acts together, the book will sell for $8.99.

What if you need copies before Amazon gets its act together? Contact me via this site and I will see what price I can offer via a new printing through the usual sources at BookBaby.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but as an author this is really nice news!

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