A Book Is Born

Too many new faculty in academic medicine get lost.

They sign on with academic medical centers with the best intentions. They want to inspire the next generation of providers. They want to solve healthcare problems. They hope to make the world a better place.

Between patients and students and the rest of life, many assistant professors find themselves a few years into the job and unprepared to make their careers work. Sure, the information is there in the faculty handbook (have you ever tried to read one of those things?), but many details are left out to make it applicable to an entire institution. You have to be mentored, and you have to know the specific questions to ask. Then you have to do stuff and document it correctly.

As someone who has been at multiple academic centers, and someone with a serious faculty development habit, I want to help fill this gap. The Promotion Game is short (68 pages) and written in conversational English (not highly-referenced academic prose). Yes, it’s still vague, but at least new faculty ¬†will have a better idea what they need to know.

The ebook should be available at Amazon and other vendors in the next week or so for $4.99; hard-copy sales will be handled through this site for now at $6.99 each plus shipping.

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